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If you have a wedding coming up in the North Bay area, you may want to book your wedding limousine early. They seem to sell out fast. You will want to call Stars Luxury Limousine Services, they are the leading choice when it comes to wedding limousines in North Bay, Ontario.

Here is why:

Stars Luxury Limousine Services has white wedding limousines.

Many people ask us if we have a white limo for their wedding. White has been a wedding colour for a very long time  and a white limo is a very classy choice for that special day. We are the only limo company in town that offers white limousines.

In fact, we have more than one of them. We are the only limo company in North Bay with more than one ten passenger limousine. So if you have a large group of people to move around, or you would like 2 limousines for your wedding day, we are the only call you have to make.

Our limousines are specially designed for weddings and the rear doors on the limo are extra large – 6 inches wider in fact. This is to specifically accommodate the girls getting in and out of the limo with their large dresses on. May not sound like much now, but once you are all decked out in your wedding attire, this little feature can make the difference in you having a good experience with your limo.

Just as a side note, we also carry on board a “bridal emergency kit” just in case. We have the things you need in case something little goes wrong like you get a small tear in your dress, you spill something on yourself, your flowers won’t stay put. Just ask the chauffeur and he will be happy to help out.

Modern Cars

You should ask your limo company when you call them if they have modern style limos in their fleet. Many people are not interested in hiring the older, square-style limousines. They just don’t seem to offer the same class as the newer style ones do. If you like them, then that is great, but we just want to make sure that you know what you are getting when you call a limousine service. If you are looking for a modern style limo for your wedding, then you need to book with Stars Limousine. You want to make sure that what shows up at your door is what you were expecting. For that matter, if you want to check out the limos we have – either inside or out, simply come on over to our office on Cassells St. It is best if you call ahead to make sure someone will be around, but we are happy to show off our vehicles any time. This will give you a chance to get familiar with your limo before you hire it.

As far as interior amenities go, you will want to have a nice stereo in the back of the limo, but that is pretty standard equipment. Most limos are also equipped with a TV and DVD or VCR but, these toys usually don’t get much use on a wedding run. Pretty sure you are not renting a nice wedding limo just to watch TV! If you are booking the limo for a night time run, you will have good lighting in the vehicle and our limos are equipped with neon lights that add a really nice effect in the dark.

Something you will want to make sure of as well is the air conditioning! There is a good chance that you are booking your summer wedding limo in the winter and you might not be thinking of air conditioning, but it gets hot on a summer day in July – with 10 people in a car. Ask about it and insist on a car with good A/C.

The bachelor party is one of the few things that happens only once in the life of a man. Being able to savor the last day and night of being a bachelor entails the need for an experience the celebrator should never forget. And what better way to manage this for any bachelor than through a bachelor party in your very own limousine?

Thanks to competition and the increasing availability of such luxuries for the modern man, it is now possible to rent a limousine for just a ride or two, retaining all the glamour of riding one and without the hefty costs of maintaining one. There are now many limousine rental services out there which specialize in such uses, meaning you should have no trouble looking for a service out there that will be willing to help you stage a bachelor party ride you and your friends will never forget.

There are a few things you have to keep track of before you can get your bachelor party in a limousine off the ground, though. First, knowledge of at least the places where you want to come from, go to and pass through is necessary, as you do not want to get lost while cruising around from point A to point B. Second, you have to plan the things you want to have and do inside the limousine while you are cruising around. Limousine rental services are usually open to different types of requests, from the simple rental only to those that include complete sets of food and drink in the car. Lastly, you should have an idea of how much you are willing to spend for this luxury, as different packages from different services will usually be charged with different rates.

Once you have your limousine booked and ready, get ready for something unforgettable. Think of it as a small bachelor party, but on the move from a special place to another, through your favorite sights to see while driving on the road. Imagine the experience of being driven through all this, so that you and your friends can enjoy the sights and such minute details that you would not have noticed when you are busy paying attention to the road and to road safety, details such as the wind blowing through your hair when you look out a window, or the feeling simply standing through the sunroof of a car can give you. And of course, there is what some would probably call the ultimate luxury of being driven around in a limousine: the fact that you can drink yourself blind and not need to worry at all about getting flagged down by policemen for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Preparing For Your Limousine Adventure

So, you’ve rented a stretched limousine for your event. Now what?

Most people have rarely or never rented a limo before and are not quite sure what to expect. This might help you think of things that you may otherwise not have through of.

First, lets look at why you are renting the limo.

If you have hired the stretch limousine to take you on a trip to a destination, you might want to think of what you can do along the way. Most limousines will have a stereo system in the passenger compartment of the car so you can have control of your music while en route. You will want to check with the company ahead of time to see if they offer a CD player or MP3 connection to the stereo so that you are armed with compatible tunes. Next, you might want to ask about a dvd player. If the car you are getting has a dvd player then you might want to bring along some movies to watch along the way. This can be a fun way to pass the time while riding with your friends.

You may want to inquire as to what beverages are included. Some limos will be stocked with water, others may offer juice. Most companies would include what ever you ask for so just check it out ahead of time.

buy cheap amoxicillin 0cm;”>If you have hired a stretched limousine for a wedding, you likely don’t care too much about the dvd player or even the stereo. Not usually top priority on wedding day. But you might want to ask if the limo has umbrellas on board in case of inclement weather. Some companies will have a small bridal emergency kit which could include a sewing kit for something out of place, band aids for your blisters, medication for your headache, and so on.

Often, if you don’t ask, you may not know about something. You don’t want to finish your experience thinking, “if I had only known, I could have brought…” to make a good time even better.

Consider This About Your Wedding Limousine

Did you know that all limousines are not built equal?

You are busy planning your special day and it is time to figure out how you are getting all of your group moved from the pickup points to the ceremony, then pictures, reception and back home afterwards. Can be a bit of a daunting task. So you decide to call a few limousine companies, surely they can get the job done. After all, isn’t that the point of having a large car?

Sure is.

So now you are calling around trying to figure out what your options are. Here are a few things you might want to consider.

First off, you will want to make sure that the vehicle you are asking about is large enough to hold your party. This can be a bit of a challenge if you have a larger wedding party. You might want to even consider getting 2 limousines if you don’t all fit in one car. Some limo companies will even offer you matching cars.

Speaking of colour, that brings up the next point to consider. Don’t forget to ask the limo company what colour their cars are. You may not want a green limousine for your wedding – regardless of the price 🙂 Typically, weddings are done in white and a white limousine is always a hit.

Next, you will want to ask if the car you are going to be getting is a modern looking car. The important thing here is to  know what you are getting. If you have in mind that you are booking a certain style car, you want to make sure that is the one showing up on your wedding day. You are looking to arrive in style, make sure your car looks the part.

Did you know that some limousines are built with larger rear doors? That is right! A real wedding limo will have rear doors that are 6 inches larger than normal – just so the girls can get in easier with their dresses on. This also adds a bit of legroom in the back of the car. Bigger is better!

As far as interior amenities go, you might want to have a nice stereo in the back of the limo, but that is pretty standard equipment. Most limos are also equipped with a TV and DVD or VCR but, these toys usually don’t get much use on a wedding run. Pretty sure you are not renting a nice wedding limo just to watch TV!

Something you will want to make sure of as well is the air conditioning! There is a good chance that you are booking your summer wedding limo in the winter and you might not be thinking of air conditioning, but it gets hot on a summer day in July – with 10 people in a car. Ask about it and insist on a car with good A/C.

Beyond that, you will want to make sure that the company you hire is reputable, offers clean cars, shows up on time (big deal on your wedding day) and acts professionally. A good limo company will keep the car stocked with ice water and/or cool beverages throughout your day.

Call around and know what you are getting. Local wedding specialist, Stars Luxury Limousine, has a great website with special wedding packages, photos of their cars, will even offer you a discount! Look them up at It is your day, you are making a significant investment, make sure you are going to be happy. You don’t want to be disappointed on your wedding day!

Have a Limo in Your Wedding Pictures

You have probably seen wedding scenes in movies wherein the bride is brought to the church in a limo and after the wedding the newlyweds share a sweet kiss at the back of the said vehicle. Won’t it be great to have this scene in your very own wedding? If you think that limousines are only for the rich and famous, think again. Getting a limo is not something that will stay in the movies. It not a remote dream anymore, as you can get a limo for your own wedding. Why buy one when you can rent it?

That’s right. You can rent your own limo for your wedding. It would be great to have a limo to ride in on your way to the church, garden or wherever you’re planning to have your wedding and transport you to your reception site or to your hotel. You can also rent a limo for your family members and other special guests so that you’d make them feel special on your most special day. You could hire a limo for you and another limo for your parents, parents in law and other members of your family. There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself and living up a little. After all, it’s your wedding! You should make it very memorable.

Getting a limo would not only make you, your family members and special guests feel pampered and special, but this would also create a great experience for all your guests. Having and seeing a limo parked in the drive way creates a really dreamy effect that would cover your whole wedding. Your wedding would seem like it jumped off from a movie scene!  Your guests would surely feel good about your wedding and so will you. What’s more is that you can encapsulate and preserve the whole experience in photos. You can take some of your wedding pictures with the limo, anywhere you like. You can take your photos in, beside, in front of, behind the limo,  just anywhere you feel like! You can keep the magic that was in your wedding in your photos. Therefore, you can create an experience that you can look through and show to your children for years to come.

You can well rent other cars for your wedding, but nothing compares to getting a limo. Aside from exceptional service, prestige, luxury and guaranteed safety, you’d be getting more from the experience of riding a limo. No other more of transportation could make your wedding even more special and memorable.

If you want to hire great transportation for your wedding, why not do it whilst creating an experience that will stay  with you for years to come? Hire a limo today and experience the magic!

Here are some tips to hiring a Wedding Limousine

Hire the same limousine to pick up the guys and drop them at your service; then collect the girls and bring them to the service; then onto photos and then on to your reception – it will work out better value overall – how would the guys otherwise get to the service…The same limo can do the journey and then go back to get the girls. You are paying for the time on the car.

When it comes to booking a professional wedding limousine service, book ASAP, as all the good / new / modern vehicles always get booked out first … so the earlier the better – Don’t wait. Wedding season is a busy time as there can be many weddings going on at once around town. You want to make sure you get the limo that you want. Call and book as soon as you know what your wedding date is. You should be able to call in later and arrange the details as far as pickup times and locations. The actual date is the important thing.

It is wiser to book the limousine at least 15 minutes earlier than you need, your wedding day is stressful enough as it is. Don’t add to it by cutting the times close on your limo rental. You will want to allow for the time to have photos and be shown how to get in and out gracefully in your wedding dress, as well helping the bridesmaids etc & maybe some photos .

Ask if the limo you are getting was built with the bridal package. Some limos (such as ours) have rear doors that are 6” longer which allows for much easier entry and exit with all the girls’ dresses.

Make sure that you are getting the car you ordered. Either get pictures of the actual car, or, better yet, see if you can arrange to actually see it. You want to make sure that you are getting a clean, luxury limousine.

Check the different limousine service web sites’ price list..this is the best place to start the planning. If you can’t find a price list on the website, question their reason and look for another website that is up front and has a price guide.

Whatever the size of vehicle you intend to hire, try to allow for 2 seating spaces for the bride to ensure everyone’s comfort as well as preventing the wedding dress from crushing.

Limo rental for weddings that are held off peak (other than Saturday afternoons) should be at a better price. Just ask when contacting your providers.

Why Use a Limousine For a Wedding?

You do not get married every day, so why should you ride to your wedding to the same car you would use to go to work? Exchanging vows with your lover could be the most special day of your life. You arrive to a brand new start at your wedding venue, and leave there towards the rest of your life. So by all means, your wedding car should not just be any old sedan – you and your spouse deserve a luxurious limo to bring you around town on your wedding day.

When you secure a super posh limousine service, you do not only get the privilege of being seen about town in a stylish vehicle. You can also get the A-list treatment with premiums like a red carpet, chauffeur service, and a complimentary bottle of champagne to make your ride experience more exciting. Also, going aboard your limo guarantees the bride maximum comfort, especially if she is wearing a voluminous gown or wearing a tall head dress. There will also be enough room for her parents or bridesmaids en route to the wedding. And when the newly married couple arrives at their reception, the guest will not be able to help cheering them as they alight in the most extravagant fashion.

Getting a limousine for your wedding in North Bay is not an unnecessary extravagance, it is a rightful indulgence that the couple deserves after they have spent months planning and making sure that everything on their wedding day is perfect. Riding to the wedding in a vehicle worthy of the stars will be the perfect finishing touch to the whole event. The best limo service is not limited to bringing the bride and her party to the church or temple. The couple can enjoy being taken to the rehearsal dinner via the limo, and on the day itself, the other core people involved in the wedding can enjoy the convenience of being driven to and fro the various itineraries for the different parts of the celebration.

The couple can take the stress of worrying about getting to their appointments off their mind: the bride can be chauffeured to her morning salon appointment, the groom and his party can be taken by a limo to the church, and the couple can even be driven to the Sudbury or  Toronto airport the day after the wedding to their honeymoon. Along the road, they can be ensured supreme comfort with complimentary meals, drinks, and cool, soft seats. All these conveniences and perks are not available with using a standard SUV on your wedding day. So if you really want the best, and  you really want to guarantee a special experience throughout your important day, you should make it a limo.