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If you have a wedding coming up in the North Bay area, you may want to book your wedding limousine early. They seem to sell out fast. You will want to call Stars Luxury Limousine Services, they are the leading choice when it comes to wedding limousines in North Bay, Ontario.

Here is why:

Stars Luxury Limousine Services has white wedding limousines.

Many people ask us if we have a white limo for their wedding. White has been a wedding colour for a very long time  and a white limo is a very classy choice for that special day. We are the only limo company in town that offers white limousines.

In fact, we have more than one of them. We are the only limo company in North Bay with more than one ten passenger limousine. So if you have a large group of people to move around, or you would like 2 limousines for your wedding day, we are the only call you have to make.

Our limousines are specially designed for weddings and the rear doors on the limo are extra large – 6 inches wider in fact. This is to specifically accommodate the girls getting in and out of the limo with their large dresses on. May not sound like much now, but once you are all decked out in your wedding attire, this little feature can make the difference in you having a good experience with your limo.

Just as a side note, we also carry on board a “bridal emergency kit” just in case. We have the things you need in case something little goes wrong like you get a small tear in your dress, you spill something on yourself, your flowers won’t stay put. Just ask the chauffeur and he will be happy to help out.

Modern Cars

You should ask your limo company when you call them if they have modern style limos in their fleet. Many people are not interested in hiring the older, square-style limousines. They just don’t seem to offer the same class as the newer style ones do. If you like them, then that is great, but we just want to make sure that you know what you are getting when you call a limousine service. If you are looking for a modern style limo for your wedding, then you need to book with Stars Limousine. You want to make sure that what shows up at your door is what you were expecting. For that matter, if you want to check out the limos we have – either inside or out, simply come on over to our office on Cassells St. It is best if you call ahead to make sure someone will be around, but we are happy to show off our vehicles any time. This will give you a chance to get familiar with your limo before you hire it.

As far as interior amenities go, you will want to have a nice stereo in the back of the limo, but that is pretty standard equipment. Most limos are also equipped with a TV and DVD or VCR but, these toys usually don’t get much use on a wedding run. Pretty sure you are not renting a nice wedding limo just to watch TV! If you are booking the limo for a night time run, you will have good lighting in the vehicle and our limos are equipped with neon lights that add a really nice effect in the dark.

Something you will want to make sure of as well is the air conditioning! There is a good chance that you are booking your summer wedding limo in the winter and you might not be thinking of air conditioning, but it gets hot on a summer day in July – with 10 people in a car. Ask about it and insist on a car with good A/C.

Are you in the North Bay, Ontario area and are looking for ways to jazz up your ride and cruise around the city in style? If you are checked into a North Bay resort, a great service that you can actually try is a limo service. There is no better way to make the most out of a classy and elegant vacation in North Bay, Ontario, than to enjoy traveling around the city in your classy and shiny limo.

Limo services in the North Bay, Ontario area will be greatly appreciated by groups of young friends or yuppies who are currently staying in a North Bay resort. This gives you and your friends a great opportunity to enjoy the ultimate trip of a lifetime – a trip to a different city or country and riding in style. Think of it as a great flashback to prom night, when you and your friends would be picked up in a rented limo with your dance partners and significant others, enjoying the evening breeze and each others’ prom outfits.

If you are in North Bay and are in need of a limo service, the first thing you should do is to check your own hotel if they have their own private limo services available. If not, you can go online and do some research on the available limo services in North Bay, Ontario. This will help you get an idea of which limo services may be just right for you.

Think about how long you’ll be using the limo and what you’ll be using for, as well as how many of you will be riding in it. These are the important information that you will need to have on hand when the limo service asks for it. There may also be an option to customize your limo. If you want certain arrangements to be made (if you are using it for a special occasion), these may be discussed with the limo service that you have hired.

No matter what purpose or how long you’ll be using the limo for while staying in North Bay in Ontario, enjoy every moment of it as moments like these come only once in a while. Make sure that you capture enough memories of you and your friends (or significant other) in that limo, and that looking back on these photos will give you a lot of things to smile or laugh about.

With a great limo service to look forward to, your stay in North Bay, Ontario is sure to be a memorable one. Just make sure that you have all the information that you need and that you have budgeted enough for the service—and cruising around the city shouldn’t be a problem.

A limousine is a luxury vehicle that most people aren’t used to riding in. Not many people get to lounge around in their comfortable seats while their own personal chauffer drives them around to wherever they want to go. Limousines are known to be the cars of actors, actresses, billionaires and public figures, but now, you can allow your parents live their lives even for a day. How? Simple! By getting a limousine to drive them around.

Whatever occasion it may be, whether it is your parents’ anniversary, birthday or for no other reason, you can make your parents feel special. Getting a limousine for a night to drive them around, take them to places and even have a great time inside the vehicle drinking champagne is a great way to give back for all the love and care they have shown you all these years. When you hire a limo, you can arrange for it to bring them to special places. You can arrange for the chauffer to pick them up from their house and bring them to a lovely restaurant or a special place that’s significant for both of them. You can even hire the vehicle for the whole day and tell them that they can ask the chauffeur to drive them to wherever they please!

This is a great opportunity for them to bond. Their lives have been so busy and crowded with other things to deal with and maybe this has left them with little alone time. Quality time together is easy to achieve in a limousine and so getting a limousine could be the perfect start of a romantic get-away for them. Their day in the limousine, living the luxurious life is not something that will leave them when the rental time is up. This is a great opportunity for them to create new memories with each other and keep them forever.

There are many options available for limousine rental, and there is absolutely something that will fit your budget and your needs. There are many car rental companies and agencies offer limousine rental services, complete with special amenities and a personal chauffeur. Some services include a special command to the places where you want to go and even a special celebration inside this luxurious vehicle. You need not worry about high costs because most rental services offer a reasonable price and great package deals for you to choose from. Finally, all you’ve got to do is to leave the rest to the vehicle and its driver and sit back and relax while your parents bond and create new memories of each other.

If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t miss out on while staying in North Bay, Ontario, it’s traveling around and checking out the city in an elegant limo-particularly if you are staying in hotels around North Bay, such at The Best Western, Clarion or Hilton. This gives you an exciting and thrilling opportunity to embark on an adventure, while riding around in style with your friends and some of the most important people in your life.

No matter what you’re in North Bay, Ontario for, there’s no reason to skip out on the limo service as there are a couple of options in the city. None of the hotels in town have their own private limo services so you will have to make arrangements with their recommended provider. A quick online search will bring up your options.

Just what is so great about availing of limo services in North Bay, Ontario while staying in hotels? Well, it gives you an opportunity to amp up your traveling style. It can be a great way to see the town and the surrounding area. You can bring some friends along for the ride and really enjoy yourself. North Bay is located on the beautiful Lake Nipissing and provides some great scenery. There is a lot of forest around the area, some rolling hills and a lot of nice views. If you want to make the most out of your stay in North Bay, Ontario, you might as well do so by making even your mode of transport something that you will remember. If you, or some other person in your traveling group, have never even ridden a limo before, then this will come as a major treat!

Surprise a friend or two by hiring a limo service to take you to one of the classiest restaurants in the city. They’ll love it! If you are looking for something a bit more romantic, you can book a limo and take your partner to dinner. The limo can show up sporting a fresh rose and offer you a nice evening out.

There are only a few options for touring the North Bay area (also known as the Blue Sky Region), but a limousine can really give you a chance to go where you want at a relaxed pace, giving you a time to enjoy yourself.

So when you’re in the North Bay, Ontario area, don’t hesitate to hire a great limo service that’s just around the corner. Remember -your friends and family will love you for it, and you’ll have a great time just checking out the sights.

Preparing For Your Limousine Adventure

So, you’ve rented a stretched limousine for your event. Now what?

Most people have rarely or never rented a limo before and are not quite sure what to expect. This might help you think of things that you may otherwise not have through of.

First, lets look at why you are renting the limo.

If you have hired the stretch limousine to take you on a trip to a destination, you might want to think of what you can do along the way. Most limousines will have a stereo system in the passenger compartment of the car so you can have control of your music while en route. You will want to check with the company ahead of time to see if they offer a CD player or MP3 connection to the stereo so that you are armed with compatible tunes. Next, you might want to ask about a dvd player. If the car you are getting has a dvd player then you might want to bring along some movies to watch along the way. This can be a fun way to pass the time while riding with your friends.

You may want to inquire as to what beverages are included. Some limos will be stocked with water, others may offer juice. Most companies would include what ever you ask for so just check it out ahead of time.

buy cheap amoxicillin 0cm;”>If you have hired a stretched limousine for a wedding, you likely don’t care too much about the dvd player or even the stereo. Not usually top priority on wedding day. But you might want to ask if the limo has umbrellas on board in case of inclement weather. Some companies will have a small bridal emergency kit which could include a sewing kit for something out of place, band aids for your blisters, medication for your headache, and so on.

Often, if you don’t ask, you may not know about something. You don’t want to finish your experience thinking, “if I had only known, I could have brought…” to make a good time even better.

Give a Limousine Ride as a Gift

Birthdays and anniversaries – these are such momentous occasions that everyone simply loves preparing for. As each year passes, it becomes more and more exciting to celebrate in style, to look back at the big milestones and experiences that have happened over time. You work hard to become successful and to provide for your family and loved ones well, so when a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary comes up, you know that they deserve to receive the best gift from you. You can choose to take them traveling, or give them luxurious gifts on their wish lists. For the next upcoming anniversary or birthday, why not treat them to a special dinner, and include the luxurious bonus of a limousine ride through the city? It can be a very unique and surprising gift for your spouse, your parents, or friends and siblings.

Granted, a limousine ride is also a material gift, but it is very special in its own way because it comes with a magical and unforgettable experience. People do not get to ride in limousines every day! Let them experience it, even for a day, and let them revel in the same luxury and comfort that Hollywood stars and rich businessman go through on a daily basis. En route to your special destination, a limousine ride guarantees them excitement and comfort as your chauffeur breezes through traffic. You can sip champagne on the limousine’s bar, or watch a short film on the DVD player comfortably. When you arrive at the destination, all eyes will be on the VIP guest who steps down the dark limousine and walks through the unrolled red carpet. Who would not want to go through all that, even for just one memorable night? It seems like a dream, but you can make it very possible and very real for them.

Giving the gift of a limousine ride to someone does not even have to entail a special anniversary – it can be your means of thanking them for a huge favor, or congratulating them for a big achievement in their career or academics. Whatever its purpose will be, a limousine ride is an unmistakably grand gesture which will be definitely appreciated and never forgotten. It is a unique but convincing way of letting them feel how special they are to you, and how happy you are for their achievement or milestone.

If you cannot give them a grand gift like their own car just yet, they will love being able to ride on a limousine just as much, even for a day. So go ahead and help them celebrate that special milestone, and give them a gift which they will definitely remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. Give them the experience of a limousine ride!

Take a Limousine for a Sightseeing Tour

Nothing beats taking in and experiencing a city you’re visiting by seeing all the sights: the hustle bustle of the markets and all their colorful produces, and the bright lights that all turn on when the sun has gone down. While some people prefer to do sightseeing tours the rough way by walking through the streets, or even riding the tour bus along with all the other people, there is nothing like seeing the city in all its glory while you sit back and enjoy the view behind the tinted windows of a limousine.

Riding inside the limousine is one of the best ways to enjoy a sightseeing tour, and who doesn’t want to ride a limo, even once in his life? Taking a limousine means the ultimate privacy. You don’t have to worry about people stepping on your toes or bumping your shoulders over and over again while going through the massive crowd. And giving your feet some needed rest is an added bonus. And you don’t have to stand the noise of the people going back and forth the streets, and the honking cars stuck in traffic, because all you have to do is roll up your window and all the noise disappears. But of course, rolling down the window once in a while is the perfect way to enjoy the aroma of the city while passing through streets lined up with street food carts, and all in the convenience of being inside the limo.

Another one of the perks of taking a limousine for a sightseeing tour is the huge space to accommodate a lot of people, whether you’re planning the sightseeing tour as a family weekend retreat or an all-girl getaway with your closest girlfriends. Now, you don’t have to worry about your losing your best friend in the crowd, or even you getting lost while stopping to look at something. And you don’t need to constantly remind your little sister to tightly hold your hand all the time when you’re assured that you’ll have her right beside you. And you don’t have to put up with shouting at each other just to talk to each other amidst all the noises. Inside a limo, you can giggle and talk and laugh all you want, and be heard.

It’s not every single day that you get to escape from all the worries in life and go on a sightseeing tour to enjoy something new. So why not make the most of your “me” time and ride the limousine this time. With you inside the limo, you know you’re pampered and relaxed. You don’t have to worry about driving around the street because you have your own chauffeur to do it for you. You can even enjoy a bottle of champagne with your friends and just celebrate any occasion. Whether it is a sedan, the classic, or the stretch, limousines are the perfect luxury to experience on every sightseeing tours.

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